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- Is that what I’m doing here? I’m asking you for a favour?
- Yes, you are! You want something, that’s a favour!

From scandal to spotlight.


I like big boats, I cannot lie.


I polled my followers to see their favorite Bioware companions, and who they would like me to do next.  

I’ve already done the winner, Morrigan, and here is 2nd place (1st in my heart) Isabela! It’s transparent too, because I like the shape of her hair.

Thank you all for sticking with me :) 

"An Eternal Calm. A slightly chubby Wakka, and my 2 minutes, 41 seconds. It’s not much but it’s enough. Still… it’s okay to want more, isn’t it?”


We won’t forget you, or what you’ve done


Henry V Production Stills (x)


timeless river x KH_69min from twitter!


oh, you’re playing skyrim? i love that game, the way they just [clenches fist] rim all those frickin skies